Health Insurance and How it’s Poisoning Health Care

Chasing the Dragon

As my friends and patients well know, I have a very strong opinion in regards to health insurance, Obama Care and third party payers.  I have such a strong opinion, in fact, that  I have chosen to not write on this subject myself because I feel very emotionally charged about it.  I truly believe that the current model is broken and it is quickly poisoning American Healthcare.

Because of this broken model, the best and brightest of America’s youth are no longer pursuing healthcare as a career.  I could spell out a laundry-list of issues- but it’s not worth it.  Heed my warning- the next 20 years are going to be a mess in medicine.  Physicians will be quitting in droves, Ellis Wyatt style.

Ask my Canadian husband about the socialized health care model in Calgary.  When a dangerous infection was very much threatening his health, he was told he should go see a specialist.  The specialists office could schedule him- in 6 months.  That was after waiting for several hours in Urgent Care because it was not an “emergency” health issue.  He was only in Urgent Care because he did not have a Primary Care Physician, this is because Primary Care Physicians are in short supply in Calgary.  In fact, they are in such short supply that the doctors are now interviewing the patients.  After some basic labs the doctor then “chooses” whether or not they’ll accept the patient into their practice.  This is what we are asking for by demanding “Universal Healthcare”.

I have read such an assortment of articles and blog posts on the subject, but none have summed it up as well as Surgeon Robert Sewell, MD has here.  This is an issue of medical ethics- please enjoy:

Where Does Medicine Go From Here?


2 thoughts on “Health Insurance and How it’s Poisoning Health Care

  1. I doubt that the exit of these physicians will be any where near as dramatic or… fiery… as Ellis Wyatt’s resignation. 😉 I think that we need to worry less about losing a few doctors than we need to worry about who will replace them. What few new doctors they do allow through school every year will be adjusted to the increasingly perverse incentive structure of this system.

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