We are a doctor and a fitness expert.  We’ve teamed up to buck the system, bring the noise and get the word out.  We are renegades, always have been, always will be.  We aim to bring the truth and to share our knowledge of wellness.

DISCLAIMER:  The information contained in these pages are strictly opinion, albeit highly educated opinion, but it’s ours none the less.  We are in no way trying to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.  If you would like to seek treatment from us you would need to be an established patient of Dr Moore’s or a client of Mr. Barber’s- reading our blog posts does not make you a patient.

Please ALWAYS consult with your doctor before heeding our advice, as drastic changes in your diet/exercise can have profound changes on your health- and at times the medications most of you are taking will become too potent and can potentially cause problems.  Do not ever change or discontinue your medications with out first consulting your doctor.

We aim to educate, it’s up to you to stay safe and healthy!

In Wellness,

Tyna Moore, ND, DC & Derek Barber, CPT, CES


2 thoughts on “About/Disclaimer

  1. Just “discovering” you for me. Recently had a high cholesterol report and am happy to find information that will help me without having to take drugs. If I live in Ohio, how do you suggest I get tested for the hormones you suggest checking out? Shall I ask my GP or my chiropractor, or is there something you do from long-distance?

    Thank you for your diligence and inspiration.

    Akron, Ohio

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