Welcome to the Revolution!

We are a team consisting of a Doctor of Naturopathic & Chiropractic Medicine and a Holistic Fitness/Stregth & Conditioning Coach.

We are fed up with the “status quo” called health in this country.  We don’t agree with the Food Pyramid or the American Heart Association’s recommended diets.

We battle obesity in our practices every day- and with that comes diabetes, fatty liver, degenerating joints and a host of other debilitating conditions.

We’ve created this site/blog as a way to get our voices out, and hopefully the voices of many others.

We simply can no longer quietly sit by and watch America get fatter while the quality of all of our health deteriorates.

There used to be one or two “fat” kids in school, now the majority of my daughter’s elementary grade is clinically obese.

People are being de-humanized, given “diagnosis codes” and drugs to match those codes.  No one knows how to care for themselves any longer.  Fitness, nutrition and wellness are now allocated to “experts” because people don’t know how to live any longer.  Hormones are imbalanced, toxins are rampant and people are sick.

People are sick of being sick!

Common sense has gone out the door.  People want a book to read to figure out how to eat because it’s all become so confusing.  Food is no longer food, it’s been morphed into Frankenstein versions of it’s former self.

We are here to educate & teach.  The TRUTH.  Take it or leave it.

This is where it starts!  This is our Rebellion, our Revolution, our Voice.  We invite you to chime in.